Orville Johnson & Casey MacGill

In a recent blog posting Orville Johnson had this to say about performing with Casey MacGill: "I'm getting used to playing rocking' New Orleans style music every Monday night with my pal Casey MacGill down at Le Bon Ton Roule on Leary Way. We've been doing it since April and it's pretty doggone fun! Casey wails on the piano and uke while I grind it out on guitar and dobro and we both sing up a storm!" Orville was a founding member of the legendary NW folk/rock group The Dynamic Logs and Casey MacGill is the heart and soul of the Seattle's beloved Blue 4 Trio. Between them, they've played with an impressively long list of impressive musicians. We're honored to have their music at Moisture. To see the website of Casey's band go to: http://www.blue4trio.com. To see Orville's, click the blue link above.

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